Dentists and Staff to Attend OCS Training

At Cooper Moss Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Cooper has undertaken specialized training and acquired the necessary state certification to administer oral conscious sedation.  By utilizing oral conscious sedation, anxious patients are able to undergo treatment that would otherwise be very difficult for them, and other patients can  receive extensive treatment in one visit that would otherwise require multiple appointments.  Based upon the high satisfaction of our patients with sedation dentistry, Dr. Moss and Dr. Tebay will soon receive the training and become state certified to utilize oral conscious sedation with their patients also.   Two members of our restorative team, Liz and Tina, will also receive the specialized training necessary to assist our dentists when they are utilizing oral conscious sedation.  If you have questions about whether oral conscious sedation would be appropriate during your treatment, please ask any of our dentists at your next visit.


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